15 Things I Buy in Bulk to Save Money

When chasing down the best deals, I sometimes find it a little overwhelming trying to decide between coupons, sales and buying in bulk. Bulk stores like Costco and Sam’s Club can offer some consistent savings on staple items that are well-used in any kitchen.

As long as you are careful to be selective and only utilize the bulk savings for items that have a long shelf life, or that you will consume in bulk quantities, there can be a number of good deals at the bulk store.

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5 Reasons your Budget Doesn’t Work

I have always worked with a budget for personal spending and savings goals, but up until now my budgets never really worked for me. It was always something that I did, begrudgingly, out of need. I was fully aware of the purpose and need for sticking to a budget, but it was (and sometimes still is) a constant battle. Continue reading “5 Reasons your Budget Doesn’t Work”

How I Saved $406.01 on Cleaning Supplies Last Year

In 2014 I spent just over $500 in household cleaning products. I made 4 simple changes for 2015 and now that the totals are in, those changes added up to big savings.

In 2014, I spent over $500 for the year on different varieties of soap to keep the things in my life clean. When you think about it, that’s an average of $40-$50 per month on cleaning products. The largest share of that budget, by far, was for laundry products. But still, as an overall expense I was a little shocked at what I had spent.

I had started looking over my expenses for ways that I could trim down my household budget in order to free up the cash for a new set of wheels. When I realized that $40-$50 dollars per month was going to cleaning supplies, I knew there was an opportunity to trim it down. Continue reading “How I Saved $406.01 on Cleaning Supplies Last Year”

Our Working Budget for 2016

I am still trying to find the best way to work with a budget on a very tight income. Listing out every tiny, insignificant expense into dozens of separate categories did not work for me. I hope that simplifying it by grouping like expenses together will make it a little more user-friendly.

We live on a pretty tight budget, but a tight budget can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. My number one goal when starting this blog was to provide transparency. I feel like there are a lot of fakers out there who try to give advice about budgeting and being frugal, who in reality, either aren’t or don’t have to be. In the name of transparency, I am going to share regular posts this year about our budget and well (or not well) it is working for us.

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What’s in DIY Laundry Soap Recipes

I have been using a DIY laundry soap recipe for the last three years. I experimented with several different recipes before settling on one that I found was the most effective at cleaning my laundry, the easiest to make, and the fewest ingredients. Every one has their own preferences for what they are looking for in laundry soap and honestly, the only way that the DIY method will work for you, is if you can find one that you love.

The base ingredients of any homemade laundry soap recipe seem to be pretty consistent from one recipe to the next, with the exception of Borax. There is clearly a line drawn between those who are ‘for’ using borax and those who are ‘against’ using it. Continue reading “What’s in DIY Laundry Soap Recipes”

5 Tips for Navigating the Supermarket

These days it seems like the sale prices at the grocery store are set at what the regular shelf price should be. As we add more convenience and give more power to food manufacturers by passively consuming their products, the prices at the grocery continue to climb. On my most recent trip to my neighborhood store, I was unnerved as the marked sale prices for staple goods like frozen vegetables, bread, and yogurt were nearing $2 per item. Continue reading “5 Tips for Navigating the Supermarket”

10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money

I am always looking for ways to save at the grocery store. We live on a tight, okay really tight, budget and getting the most bang for the buck has become a requirement of living within our means. My favorite way to cut costs is to find multipurpose products that allow me to buy one thing for a dozen different uses instead of a dozen different products. Continue reading “10 Things You Should Stop Buying to Save Money”