What My Husband Taught Me About Relationships

The moment that I first knew I would marry my husband was only about four months in to our relationship. From the beginning I knew he was different than any other man I had dated. I knew that this relationship worth investing in, not just in love, but in a partnership that would make each of us stronger. Continue reading “What My Husband Taught Me About Relationships”


5 Tips to Survive Unemployment in your Marriage

A few months after we were married, our relationship faced the stress of unemployment. It was a situation that neither of us were prepared for. For many relationships, job loss can mean the end of what was once a happy relationship. In the middle of the stress, depression, financial struggles, and resentment that came with the the job loss and subsequent instability in employment, I saw the warning signs that our relationship could seriously be altered by how we chose to handle it. Continue reading “5 Tips to Survive Unemployment in your Marriage”