The Simple Formula I Use to Plan Meals

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to eating healthy is a series of blog posts that highlight my best tips for healthy eating habits that you can stick with.



There is such an enormous amount of information out there about how to eat healthy and what nutrition you actually need that it is, well, overwhelming. There have been plenty of times that I thought I was eating pretty healthy, at least according to FDA guidelines, only to come to the realization that I wasn’t. Continue reading “The Simple Formula I Use to Plan Meals”

10 Ideas for Eating Healthier

I am the kind of ultra low-maintenance person that will only stick with something if it is either highly interesting or requires absolutely minimum effort. The way that I approached food for the better part of my life was no different. I was never going to stick with any meal plan that required hours of planning and prepping, at least not long-term. Continue reading “10 Ideas for Eating Healthier”