Why I Switched to a DIY Mineral Makeup

My skin is prone to sensitivity. Traditional cosmetics, even when marketed as non-allergenic cause inflammation and small red bumps under the skin. The problem persisted even though I had switched to a reputable mineral makeup brands. The solution (for me) was to cut out all unnecessary ingredients. I now use a formula that has only three ingredients and it works well.


As soon as my skin cleared up from the horrors of my teenage years, filled with a constant struggle of oil, breakouts, blackheads and unsightly enlarged pores, I noticed a bigger problem. Underneath all of the skin problems that I had offhandedly dismissed as ‘due to teenage hormones’ my skin was irritated and unhealthy. Continue reading “Why I Switched to a DIY Mineral Makeup”

5 Tips to Get Better Sleep

I have always fought mornings, for as long as I can remember. They are just. not. fun. It is not exactly a lack of sleep thing and it doesn’t seem to matter what time I go to bed. Me and mornings just do not get each other. Continue reading “5 Tips to Get Better Sleep”