15 Things I Buy in Bulk to Save Money

When chasing down the best deals, I sometimes find it a little overwhelming trying to decide between coupons, sales and buying in bulk. Bulk stores like Costco and Sam’s Club can offer some consistent savings on staple items that are well-used in any kitchen.

As long as you are careful to be selective and only utilize the bulk savings for items that have a long shelf life, or that you will consume in bulk quantities, there can be a number of good deals at the bulk store.

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Why I Switched to a DIY Mineral Makeup

My skin is prone to sensitivity. Traditional cosmetics, even when marketed as non-allergenic cause inflammation and small red bumps under the skin. The problem persisted even though I had switched to a reputable mineral makeup brands. The solution (for me) was to cut out all unnecessary ingredients. I now use a formula that has only three ingredients and it works well.

As soon as my skin cleared up from the horrors of my teenage years, filled with a constant struggle of oil, breakouts, blackheads and unsightly enlarged pores, I noticed a bigger problem. Underneath all of the skin problems that I had offhandedly dismissed as ‘due to teenage hormones’ my skin was irritated and unhealthy. Continue reading “Why I Switched to a DIY Mineral Makeup”

10 Powerful Reasons to Eat More Bananas

There are so many different opinions in nutrition that it can be overwhelming to figure out what food actually healthy and what food is not. I like to look at all of the information supporting both sides of an opinion and then keep in mind that anything in moderation is fine.  Continue reading “10 Powerful Reasons to Eat More Bananas”